Reveal Camera Solar Charger



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Enjoy the benefits of having a cellular trail camera sending pictures in real time, while having a sustainable source of energy. Solar-powered trail cameras have more advantages since they work through a combination of solar power technology and Lithium batteries. Before putting the Solar Panel in use, charge it at least 8 hours with the included AC Power adapter. After the initial charge, sunlight will assist the batteries in powering the camera. The Solar Kit is Compatible with the Reveal & Bigfoot Cameras. Once installed the camera batteries may only need to be replaced once per year – saving you a lot of money which will quickly pay for your Solar Charger investment. Output of this charger is 12 volts (2 watts). Note: The sun charges the internal 1500mAH Li-ion batteries inside the Solar Charger. he Solar Charger does not charge the batteries inside the camera. Therefore, you do not need to use expensive rechargeable batteries inside the camera. Works great with Reveal, Bigfoot & other trail & game cameras.

The Reveal Camera Solar kit is the solution for all your outdoor 12 volt DC needs. As long as the equipment you are supplying has a DC-12v input, you can use it to power a game camera, feeder, light, emergency radio and more! The solar pack has built in rechargeable lithium ion batteries so it will keep churning out power long after the sun goes down and saves replacing numerous batteries.
This kit includes a mounting strap and tripod bracket to make installation quick and easy. The durable and adjustable tripod mount makes optimum alignment with the sun easy and keeps the charger in the correct position. The kit also includes a 5.5 foot output cable which has a 4.0*1.7*10mm (DC2.1) connector. Note: Some devices require different connectors so an optional adapter may be required to connect to non Reveal Camera devices.
How to Use: You can charge to solar panel with the supplied A/C wall adapter by plugging it into the IN port on the solar charger. It is recommended to plug into the wall and let fully charge before bringing into the field. Once charged you will use the OUT port to supply power to the camera or other devices.
How it works: Sun charges the lithium ion batteries inside the solar charger which feeds the power to the camera. The charger does not charge the batteries inside the camera. When the solar charger is plugged into the camera, the camera will only use its internal batteries when there is no power coming from the solar charger.
Specifications: Built-in Li-ion battery:1500mAH/7.4v, Max Output Power: 2W, Output Voltage 12V, Max Output Current 1600mA, Included: mounting strap/tripod, A/C adapter, Waterproof rating: IP54, Operational Temperature: -22- 158 degrees Fahrenheit


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