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Product Description

rinkmo rangefinderrinkmo rangefinder

RinKmo Rangefinder is a professional product designed specifically for golf and hunting enthusiasts .

It sets up 4 modes and various measurement functions based on people’s behavior in the course, such as distance measurement, flag locking, slope distance compensation and so on.
High Performance Chips and Powerful Algorithms make the measurement accuracy of this laser range finder more accurate.
Promote your excellent performance on the golf course.

Principle AND Acurracy

The rangefinder emit infrared ray and get refected by object. The electronic element calculate the tiny time gap to get range data.

ONE EQUALS THREE. Powerful function, for hunter, golfer.

golf hunting rangefinder 1100yardgolf hunting rangefinder 1100yard

Accurate range data provide hints for adjusting shooting MOA.

golf / hunting rangefinder golf / hunting rangefinder

To calculate the accurate shooting angle, Rinkmo Rangefinder provide reliable distance measurement thanks to latest laser technology.

MOA Formulas

(Distance to target in yards) / (100) = inches per MOA at that distance

(Number of inches of adjustment needed) / (inches per MOA at that distance)

= MOA adjustment

To calculate trajectory more accurately without hard mathmatics,

some mobile APPs are good helpers.


RINKMO RANGE FINDER – Creates the Perfect Performance for Golfing

This rangefinder gives you four modes: M1, M2, M3 and M4.

In M1 mode, it provides distance measurement, Angle measurement and continuous scanning measurement.
In M2 model, it provides distance measurement, horizontal distance measurement, vertical height measurement and oblique distance measurement.
In M3 mode, it provides Flag-Lock Function. When the flag is locked, the pulse vibration will remind you that the lock is successful.
In M4 mode, it provides Slope Correction Function and speed measuring


Range: 5-1100Yd

Flag Lock Distance: 420Yd

Measruing Accuracy: +/- 1Yd

Angle Measuring range: -60°~60°

Magnification: 6X

Field Angle: 7.5°

Weight: 164g









Distance/Angle Measurement

Range of 5-1100 yards allows you to pinpoint long distance holes. Angle measurement makes it easier for you to find the target.

Continuous Scan

In the M1 Mode,hold down “Power” key for more than 2s,then continuous measurement can be conducted. At this point, if you keep changing the target of the measurement, the value of the measurement will continue to appear on the screen. The target sign ” + ” will be showed on the screen until release the power button.

Flag-Lock with vibration

In the M3 Mode,please aiming at the flag and then short press “Power”key,laser emission. Moving the sign”+”on the LCD slowly,the flag sign on the LCD begins to flicker.The range finder will gives you a quick pulse vibration,when the target is locked and the distance is ensured to be accurate.

Slope Correction Technology

Slope -Tech provides compensated distance based on hole’s uphill or downhill. In the M4 Mode,please aiming at the target ,after the measurement,the gradient correction value is displayed at the top of the screen,and the measured distance value is displayed at the bottom.

【6X MAG, 1000+ YARDS Range】- Rinkmo Rangefinder covers a range of 1000 yards(±1y), far better than rivals on the market. A reliable helper for you to choose a suitable club. 6X Magnification can pick up a reflective flag from 400+ yards away. Provides fast measurement with +/- 0.5m high accuracy and 6x magnification, FMC coated lens allows great light transmittance, accurately measure overlapping subjects. Playing fair is just as important as playing well.
【High Accuracy & Superior Performance】 Rinkmo golf laser range finder uses the nearest target acquisition system that ensures you receive the accurate yardage to the flag or desired location, and not what’s behind the green or your target. The laser is focused on a narrow beam with minimum reduction in travel, continuous scan functionality allows golfers to acquire distances to multiple targets at once – Trust your range and master your game! Give you more confidence and reduce swing mistakes.
【Hunting-No glow, Long Distance】 It detects accurate distance for hunting, without any glowing so as to not scare animals in hunting. The distance is crucial for shooting MOA adjustment. Since the bullets travel vertically as well as horizontally thanks to gravity, it’s so important to adjust MOA to improve shooting. For example, 1 MOA is about 1 inch per 100 yards. One MOA is about 5 inches at 500 yards, about 10 inches at 1000 yards and so on.
【Distance and slope Data for Golf4 Mode Available】It measures horizontal distance, vertical distance and slope angle. Meter and Yard result available, press mode for 2s to switch, fast focus system allows golfers to adjust the optic focus to ensure sight clarity and accuracy. The physical slope switch gives you more freedom to choose to turn on or off the slope function, freeing you from any tournament restrictions, power up your game.
【Excellent Golf & Hunting Rangefinder】 The laser generator provide you everything you need for golfing, hunting, bow hunting, and other professional application with reliable product quality and after-sales service. General Golf and Slope Golf Mode, a short vibration after successfully measuring the distance let you know you hit your desired target, giving you more confidence. The range finder measures the travel speed of light and time interval so as to calculate accurate distance.


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