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Finally, the revolutionary natural womenÕs perfume that smells incredible and it helps cultivate deeper connection: Eye of Love SEDUCE Pheromone Parfum is designed to give you an added advantage in your personal, professional, and romantic life.

It contains the highest quality Pheromones to attract men. Seduce him with this deeply penetrating blend of bergamot and woodsy Damascus rose caressed by sweet, sultry jasmine undertones.

A Pheromone Perfume that will not only tantalize the senses, but also uses the power of pheromones to reignite the confidence and poise within – making it the best perfume for women ever.

Eye Of Love: Pairing powerful pheromones with captivating fragrances, Eye of LoveÕs mission is to give you a unique edge in all of you encounters. Whether youÕre working, playing, or being intimate we can all use an added advantage. Eye of Love pheromones are high potency with pheromone and fragrance to last you all day long.

What can be expected then from using Pheromones?

  1. People who work in areas like customer service, real-estate, and cosmetologists can notice higher tips, better quality interactions, and higher sales.
  2. Couples can find themselves reconnecting in an entirely new way. You may feel like you are back in the ÒhoneymoonÓ phase, listening more, talking more, and feeling closer again.
  3. Sensual moments like enjoying massages, cuddling, and enjoying passionate kisses can become heightened.
  4. First impressions or chance meetings can have a positive undertone, for instance: relaxed interactions, a general feeling of comfort, and a tendency to feel more engaged or connected.

PROVEN INGREDIENTS! We use pure Estratetraenol, not a pheromone blend. The Most Effective Pheromones to attract men. All of our fragrance oils are imported from France and have attracting properties!
EFFECTIVE! Be more attractive, social, and successful. Get an added edge in your daily life!
LONG-LASTING! High concentration of pheromones and fragrance oil to last you all day long!
SMELLS AMAZING! Arousing Fragrance Parfum. Spray the room, sheets, and your body. Set the mood.


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