SimpleAir SC-3200 Duct Fresh



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Simple Air Duct Fresh Gel brings the power of our signature liquid formulation to a gel. The gel provides a long-life (up to 90 days) and is ideal to use as a whole-house odor eliminator. Our professional strength gel formula is air-activated. The best application is to place opened gel tub next to air handler or blower of the HVAC system. As air passes, the Duct Fresh Gel is activated and delivers the odor removing agent throughout the entire central heating and air conditioning system.

SimpleAir Duct Fresh Spray HVAC Air Freshener, Cleaner, Deodorizer Non Toxic for Odor Block, 32 Oz
ENGINEERED ODER REMOVAL SOLUTION: Designed to provide a “whole house” odor removal solution by not simply masking odors but removing them
EASY TO USE: Liberally spray into HVAC ducts, air filter media, or musty closets, basements, RV’s or boats
PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH: Formula is highly effective, versatile, non-staining, and non-toxic
TARGET MULTIPLE AREAS: Allows you to target stubborn odor prone areas – lockers, storage areas, laundry rooms or any spaces that need refreshing
USE ACROSS ALL LOCATIONS: Commonly used in homes, offices, nursing homes, and anywhere pesky odors linger


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