Skullis 2.0” Prehnite Crystal Skull, Hand Carved Gemstone Fine Art Sculpture, Reiki Healing Stone Statue.



Price: $69.95
(as of May 11,2020 00:27:16 UTC – Details)

A carefully detailed Prehnite sculpture in our Realistic crystal skull design. Well proportioned and finished to a high reflective polish, the human skull features are carved by hand by Skullis’ talented lapidary artists.

Prehnite Energy:
Prehnite enhances dreams and dream recall, helping one to interpret the dreams, symbols, and events experienced. It also amplifies the process, experience, and effectiveness of meditation. It can be used to increase one’s understanding of the information received in dreams and meditation, with an understanding of how that knowledge can be applied in one’s life experience. Prehnite also increases one’s intuitive abilities related to prediction by connecting one to the universal consciousness to facilitate and enhance inspiration. It helps one to access information by removing the mental barriers that prevent one from recognizing one’s own connection to, and participation as an aspect of, the shared higher consciousness of creation.

Skullis is a family of like-minded artists with over 50 years of combined experience sculpting precious and semi-precious stones. Several of our master artists regularly create many of our amazing one of a kind crystal skull works of art, and for more than a decade Skullis has continued to work to perfect our designs based on a preference for beauty and exceptional detail.
With every piece, Skullis is absolutely dedicated to creating the best and most unique high quality gemstone and crystal skull jewelry and sculptures in the world.

A Breathtaking Display: Ideal for display on any mantel, table or shelf, this crystal skull brings elegance, style, and sophistication to your home and office.
A Perfect Gift: You’re certain to please even hard to shop for friends and family with a solid gemstone sculpture they will enjoy and cherish for many years to come.
For Healing and Inspiration: Often used to enhance meditation, inspiration, and the healing properties of natural gems and minerals, our Fine Art crystal skull is comfortable to hold and may help to you to cultivate peace, relaxation, and quiet.
Size: 2.0″x1.3″x1.5″ (50x33x39 mm); Weight: 3.6OZ (103g).


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