Soft Air Thompson M1A1



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This Thompson M1A1 is part of the Exclusive “GUNS OF HISTORY” collection consisting of the most authentic airsoft replica’s on the market! Full metal, 1:1 scale of the real firearm counterpart are just a few of the reasons that make this airsoft replica stand above the rest. Fully licensed and trademarked including unique serial numbers along with quality craftsmanship will not disappoint.. We HIGHLY recommend the use of .20g+ BB’s for maximum performance. The use of low grade .12g BB’s can and will cause damage to the gun and may void the warranty. The Thompson Submachine Gun was designed by General John T. Thompson, who was inspired by the trench warfare of World War I to develop a “one-man, hand-held machine gun”, firing a rifle caliber round. In 1938, the Thompson submachine gun was adopted by the U.S. military, serving during World War II and later into the Korean War, as well as early stages of the Vietnam War. Other Allied countries purchased the Thompson as well, notably the United Kingdom and France. Modifications to simplify production and reduce cost were made in 1942, resulting in the M1 and M1A1 models, which were commonly carried by both non-commissioned and commissioned officers.

POWERFUL ELECTRIC: 320-365 FPS with .20g ammo via 8.4v small type battery
READY TO PLAY: Shoots 6mm ammo in full and semi-automatic
REPLICA: made with heavy duty polymer and metal for a realistic feel and features original logos and trademark. Weighs 9lbs
EASY TO LOAD: Magazine holds 50 rounds
ADJUSTABLE HOP-UP: creates a back-spin effect on ammo to provide longer shooting distance


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