Soul Therapy: A Metaphysical



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You have just discovered a journal that will change your life! Soul Therapy is a mindfulness workbook, equipped with topics that are good for your soul. You will find manifestations, meditation techniques, and a taste of Magick to incorporate in your life. The further into the journal, the more in depth the questions and the activities become. This journal will teach you the wisdom you need, to carry with you on your path to greatness, fulfillment, and finding your purpose. Most importantly, the truest wisdom will be gained from your own written words. You will surely be inspired from all of the insights discovered, from the first page to the last. Get ready to see the world with a new perspective, and create your own reality. This is not your average journal. This is not even your average book. The contents found within this workbook will not only allow you to express yourself by using techniques practiced in spirituality and psychology, but it will also bless you with undeniable, therapy for your soul!


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