Stainless Steel Plates, Set of



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Package Quantity:  4 Plates,10 in x 10 in x 0.7 in
Why Use Stainless Steel Plates?
Durable, unbreakable, eco-friendly, and healthy option for serving meals. Plates that can serve you a lifetime!
1. 304 (18/8) stainless steel with18% chromium to protect plates from rusting and 8% nickel to enhance corrosion resistance.
2. Non-toxic and BPA-free.
3. Matte-polished with rolled edges for smooth and safe handling
4. Lightweight for easy carry, and stackable to save space.
When to Use Stainless Steel Plates 
As reusable metal plates to replace plastic plates for all events and as everyday serving plates.
Care & Cleaning
Stainless steel plates look best if kept clean.
Quick Clean: Wipe down with clean soft cloth (recommend using microfiber cloth with 80% polyester & 20% polyamide) dipped in hot water or soap solution followed with lots of clean water rinse and towel dry in the direction of the grain. For stubborn stains, use stainless steel cleaner.

Maintain your plate’s attractive and hygienic surface appearance.

– Do not use steel brush & metal scraper.

– Do not use chlorine-based and abrasive/caustic cleaners.

– Do not allow hardwater to air dry on plate surface to prevent water marks.

– Since plates are intended primarily to contain food and not as a cookware, avoid subjecting to extremely high temperatures

– Since stainless steel is not 100% immune to scratches, let cutleries touch plate lightly. if needed, use stainless steel cleaner to buff and stainless steel polish to conceal minor scratches. Luckily, scratches do not affect plate performance and plates will not chip.

Properly maintained plates will serve you for as long as you own it.

Safety: DO NOT MICROWAVE to avoid spark, fire, or explosion.

Don’t Forget To Add To Cart!

Multi-Use: “Your everyday metal plate set for eating”. Steel plates to serve meals to family, toddlers, and friends. Adds a modern touch to the dining table. Lightweight and stackable, take them outdoors as metal camping plates. Whether you plan for indoor or outdoor party or barbeque events, these plates have a slightly raised lip versatile enough to be used either as an individual’s food plate or as everybody’s serving plates.
Eco-Friendly: “Rethink disposables”. Stainless steel plates are sustainable and 100% recyclable into the same product without reducing quality. Plates are reusable and easy to clean. With zero waste and no added trash to landfill sites, it is definitely a green product.
Durability: “Made from Type 304 (18/8) grade”. Helps keep the plate from rust and corrosion. Can withstand everyday use as a child’s plate.
Healthy Choice: “Detox your diet”. The non-toxic, non-reactive, BPA-free, food-grade material benefits of a stainless steel plate make it a healthy way to serve meals for eating.
Gift Option: “Value for not a lot of money”. Show your thoughtful side. A set of stainless steel plates packed in nice looking box so plates are ready for gifting.


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