Steampunk Victoria Telluryan Orrery



This is considered the companion piece to the Sherlock model.

Much like the solar systems we painstakingly produce, this is a model we found online from another part of the world which we’ve transformed by a little ingenuity, metallic paint, art images from old masters (this one features an early 1800s Michaelangelo Barberi painting) antique gels, many coats of varnish and many many hours of work.

These are fully functional. The sun lights up. The gears move the earth and moon around the sun. It is not electrified. (Genuine wood and metal orrerys are available online but cost upwards of $1,000.) This started out as a students model to illustrate the earths rotation around the sun and the moons rotation around the earth. It is 16.5 inches across and approximately 12.5″ tall which means it is a showstopper. We do not consider this a toy for anyone under the age of 12. Steampunk Victoria Telluryan Orrery

We use a high grade commercial metallic paint to give the appearance of brass on the gears, the sun and the earth. The moon phase plate includes the zodiac.
Steampunk Victoria Telluryan Orrery

But they are lovely and there will only be a handful of these in existence. AS ART WORK, THESE ARE NON RETURNABLE.


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