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Sulfur bars are composed of 100% Sulfur, which is a mineral extracted from volcanic areas. Sulfur is an ancient natural remedy that has properties that helps to relieve muscle pain, usually caused by tension and stress (amongst other causes), such as cervical pain, sciatica, contracture and stiff neck. Sulfur bars also relieves pain caused by arthritis, rheumatism, joint pain, cramps, gas pockets and static electricity How to use the SulfuRelief Bar: Simply roll over the affected area, applying light pressure. The Sulfur bar makes cracking sounds as it absorbs the negative tension, gasses and positive ions that produce muscular pain and discomfort. If the Sulfur bar breaks before the cracking noise have ceased, a new bar is needed in order to continue with the absorption of gas pockets. The bar can be reused as long as it is not broken into small pieces. Repeat the process until the SulfuRelief bar stops cracking. Broken pieces can be crumbled to create a regenerative foot bath to alleviate soreness. Ingredients: Sulfur 100% Precautions: EXTERNAL USE ONLY, do not use in irritated areas. Keep out of reach of children.
External use
Each box contains five sulphur bars


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