Sunsign Speed and Agility Resistance Bands Trainer for Vertical Jump Squat Boxing MMA Taekwondo Karate Bounce Softball Basketball Volleyball Football Training


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•Increase Physical Attractiveness:Studies have shown that people receive weight training and their physical attractiveness
is improved compared to those who have not received training or exercise.

•Increase Physical Health: Stronger muscles can improve posture, provide better support for joints, and reduce the risk of
injury from daily activities. Older people who have been trained in weight can prevent
some of the loss of muscle tissue that usually accompanies aging, and it will become less weak.

•Our protective safety sleeve protects you from any snap-back recoiling if the tubing were to break.

For many people with rehabilitation or acquired disabilities, such as stroke or orthopedic surgery, weak muscle strength training
is a key factor in optimizing rehabilitation. For people with this health condition, their strength training may need to be
designed by a suitable health professional, such as a physiotherapist or occupational therapist

Name: 9-pcs resistance band kit
Belt size: length 42.5in high 3.1in
arms band size: 10.6in
legs band size: 17.7in
Ankle strap: suitable for 9.44-13.4in
Resistance: 40lb (stackable)
Kit weight: 2.2lbs

♥♥If you need to connect multiple resistance ropes to a single connection point for additional resistance, you can purchase the rope separately (ASIN:B07QR8FGYF)♥♥
♥♥you can buy the lager bands and belt for taller people(ASIN:B07ZRC8BTS, B07ZWTY8QF)♥♥


•If you have any doubts about our products, please feel free to contact us and we will do our best to serve you

Package list:
2x arms band
2x legs band
2x Ankle strap
2x Wrist strap
1x Adjustable belt
1x Carry bag

【9-Pcs Piece Kit】:The training bands set mainly includes 2*40lb arms band (10.6in), 2*40lb legs band(17.7in), 2*Ankle strap, 2*Wrist strap,1* belt; The kit is great for basketball, volleyball and football sports training and taekwondo boxing karate squat bounce training, can also be used for yoga, pilates exercise and rehabilitation
【Strengthen Muscle】: Ideal for any fitness level, the resistance band exercises help users increase or decrease resistance during training or rehabilitation, creating the perfect challenge for each muscle group, perfect for everyday workouts at home, at the gym, at the gym or on the go. Flexibly use the accessories in the kit according to your needs, the resistance of the exercise can be stacked from 40lb to 160lb♥you can buy the lager bands and belt for taller people(ASIN:B07ZRC8BTS)♥
【Multiple Use Methods】: Wear elastic band suits for your body, whether in basketball, football, gym or boxing training, you can use Bring your fitness goals to new heights.For weight training, plyometrics, bodyweight exercises, and ballistic exercises or other to improve their ability to apply explosive power. We have added a unique force band to the Ankle strap, pulling power to the feet and balancing your body muscles
【Muscle Injury Rehabilitation】:The resistance band does not put pressure on the body, which makes it a major part of the recovery of exercise or muscle damage. Bands can maintain joints and others, and are very safe to use
【Preferred Material】: The inner environment is made of natural and environmentally friendly latex, which has short elastic elasticity and short elasticity. It is covered with a strong protective cover, which not only prevents breakage but also anti-oxidation. At the same time, it avoids injury by adding 0.22in thick steel buckle at the junction. Belt,Ankle strap and Wrist strap with adjustable fixed webbing, giving users a different comfort


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