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The bright red inserts serve as suppliers of instant, exaggerated feedback when you miss the club’s center.



A miss-hit on the toe will dart sharply left.
A heel shot will go right.
A squarely struck shot will fly long and straight… and deliver the heavenly sensation of nailing the sweet spot.
Any miss-hit will feel “dead” as it strikes the soft polymer, which also dampens the ball’s velocity (so you won’t endanger other golfers).

Longer, more consistentLonger, more consistent

Center contactCenter contact

MORE DISTANCE: Missing the driver’s sweet spot by just 1 inch costs the typical golfer 23 yards; The iS1 Impact Aid and golf trainer quickly trains you to strike it dead center; Miss off the heel or toe and your shot will thud off the iS1’s poly insert and veer to the left or right; You get INSTANT FEEDBACK on your miss-hits, and your body naturally adjusts to strike it dead center.
GREATER ACCURACY: No more slices, hooks, shanks, fat shots or thin shots; You will start making solid, consistent center contact throughout the bag with just a little practice using the iS1 swing trainer; Improve your tee-to-green accuracy fast; Hit more fairways and greens.
QUICK, EASY & FUN: Hit just one bucket of balls and you’ll see how easy it is to start making center contact swing after swing; You get instant sensory feedback with the iS1 golf training aid; You will see, hear and feel the difference in center strikes and miss-hits.
PERFECT WARM UP TOOL: Use the iS1 training aid at the range before each round and groove your swing for center strikes before the first tee.
PURE CONTACT: Nothing is better than the sound and feel of purely-hit golf shot; Now you can enjoy pure shots consistently, swing to swing, hole to hole, and round to round thanks to the iS1 golf training aid.


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