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Why choose our sylvwin 16.4FT led strip:

– Multiple color modes, RGB LED strips, 16 colors, 4 modes can be switched as you want, creating multiple moods for your room.

– Remote control sensor, farewell to the integration of the light bar and the control. The 24 button mini remote control is easy to carry and control.

– DIY light bar, super strong adhesive to solve the light bar easy sliding problem.

– Safe to use, low voltage 12 V, low power consumption, energy saving, safe to touch, protection class IP20.

– Memory function, when the bands are reused, they memorize the last mode settings without having to repeat the settings.

-Perfect for home lighting, festival decorations, activities, venue, exhibition decoration, hall decoration, hotels and other KTV decorated entertainment.

led strip light 16.4 ft rgb led strip light 16.4 ft rgb


1. Please note that the arrow position of the controller should be aligned with the strip light marking “+ 12V”, otherwise the light will not light up.

2. Make sure the IR receiver is not blocked. Please aim at the recipient. Otherwise the controls are insensitive or out of control.

3. Please do not roll up the LED strip for testing

Widely used in homes, hotels, clubs, bars, festivals, parties

Led strio light 16.4ft

Led strio light 16.4ft

Led strio light 16.4ft

Led strio light 16.4ft

Led strio light 16.4ft

Led strio light 16.4ft

For the kitchen

Ideal for kitchen, makeup mirror, dining table, handle, headband, shelf or cabinet lighting or in commercial applications, product displays, under cabinet backlight, feature low cost, energy efficient modular design.

For Bar

Decorate the bar with the sylvwin LED light strips, easily control the color and brightness with the remote control, set the mood you want, create a lighting effect with your imagination, a wonderful place to relax and get together. friends.

For bedroom

Using our LED light strip for home, bedroom, living room to make your home beautiful. Can also be used for Christmas, party or other festivals to create festive atmosphere which makes it more memorable, weddings and family reunions are also enjoyable.

rgb led STRIPrgb led STRIP

【24-Key Remote control &12V safe voltage】 The led stripe IR remote controller Make it more convenient for you to control the light strip. All you need to do is connect the power supply and use it directly, the working voltage of the LED strip lights is 12V, and the IR remote control has overload, short circuit protection and memory function.(Please note that the arrow position of the controller must be aligned with the “+ 12V” light strip mark, otherwise the light will not turn on.)
【Dimmable Lighting】With adjustable 6-level brightness, the strip light can be changed to warm or bright. An ideal decoration for TV, wall and living room. You can adjust the brightness according to your needs(Please do not roll up the light strip for testing Test after receiving the product, if the product is normal, then paste it .)
【16.4FT rgb strip lights】16.4FT strips of lights. Long enough to reach around your entire room and light the whole place up with 150 LEDs. Easily decorate large places like bedroom, ceiling, kitchen, etc. Create romantic, festive atmosphere.
【Strong Adhesive &Cutting Design】All-in-one package, no additional tools required. 16.4FT LED light strip on the back come with strong double sided glue and buckles that are easy to use.
【Notice】Please clean the surface before installation,Our light strips have 3 layers in total. When removing the blue protective film, it is easy to remove the white tape between the blue protective film and the light strip. Please remove only the blue protective film and leave the white tape on the light strip.
【Do not】We do not recommend that you stick the light bar on smooth places such as glass, wood, etc. Please wipe off water, dust, oil and other things before you stick it.


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