Teenage Girls: the Spanking



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This anthology of 48 short stories totalling around 75,000 words, focuses on the many and varied spanking experiences of teenage girls. In many of these stories the teenage girls actually ask to be spanked, especially when a spanking is seen as preferable to being grounded, having extra chores to do, a reduced allowance or other corrective measures. In addition, they sometimes want to be spanked as a means of assuaging guilt or ensuring that they have firm guidelines and boundaries in place. Occasionally, they romanticise the idea of being spanked or find that it acts as an escape from the stresses of adolescence and helps them to feel like a child again. Many of the stories involve blended families where the stepfather is quite often the one to do the spanking.

These are entirely fictional works intended to be thought provoking and the author is strongly opposed to the spanking of children in real life.


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