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Meaningful relationships breathe life into others and ourselves.
If we want to build trust, we have to bring authentic value.
But how can we do that well?

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The Best Seller is written through the eyes of a young professional stumbling in her sales career. Along the way, she meets several mentors who help to change her perspective and teach her that influence is not dependent on “who you know,” it's about "who knows you and trusts you."

On her journey, the main character discovers the power of favorable access and that impacts her sales approach, her career, and her life. With the wisdom from these mentors, she learns to navigate relationships with a greater sense of intention and value.


"A poignant and powerful gift of story-telling, chock-full of invaluable life lessons, reflective revelations and successful strategies you can implement immediately for a more fulfilling life and for a more profitable business. Not only a relatable and enjoyable reading experience, but an educational and potentially transformational must-read!" 
Aimee Cohen, Author of Woman-Up!

“This book reveals the unwritten rules of why winners win”
Ken Luallen, Business Development

"The Best Seller is an imperative read for any new sales professional. There are key lessons shared in this book, that if overlooked, can make the sales career a struggle. By learning these lessons early in a sales career, one can embrace and succeed in sales. These lessons are also  great reminders for experienced sales professionals and leaders. I look forward to utilizing The Best Seller to help mentor young sales people."
– Kari Cooling, Holmes Murphy Board Member

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