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We take pride in developing, designing and manufacturing the NINETY DEGREE entirely in the U.S.A. There are many cigar holders available, the issue with most is that they pinch your premium cigars. Any cigar connoisseur knows that tobacco leaves are delicate …so why would you clip or force your cigar in a gadget which will eventually puncture them. The NINETY DEGREE applies no pressure, ensuring that your cigar is in perfect condition to enjoy every time you reach for it. the NINETY DEGREE resolves typical cigar clip issues by allowing you to gently place your cigars in a secure holder which can handle a lancero to a gordo (60 ring gauge). The NINETY DEGREE won?t smash your cigar or allow it to fall from the holder. A sturdy and compact device, the magnetic design of the NINETY DEGREE is not limited to just a golf cart. You can use it on your deck, boat, while tailgating, or anywhere you may want your cigar held. All you need is a metal surface. It?s that simple! Thanks to the vertical design of the NINETY DEGREE, your cigar will always rest away from the mounted surface assisting in a consistent slow and even burn. That’s why the NINETY DEGREE is the best thing that happened to cigars. The NINETY DEGREE will be your ?best wedge in your bag!? Thank you for purchasing The Ninety Degree Wedge”, an extraordinary breakthrough in cigar receptacle technology. Durable and attractive design with assortment of colors. Peatures state of the art design and quality. The precision engineering and fine craftsmanship makes The Ninety Degree” the ultimate golf cart cigar holder.Use the Ninety Degree” when you are on the go; the magnetic design is ideal for securing you favorite smoke for outside use. Whether you are boating, tailgating, or on the golf course, your finest cigars will be accessible and securely held. With our commitment to maintain the highest quality and innovation, Cigar and Rum inc.

Nylon 100%
DAMAGE FREE: Deep cup keeps cigars secure and clean without crimping, squeezing, or damaging the cigar wrapper.
MAGNETIC MOUNT: Portable compact holder that quickly attaches to wide variety of metal surfaces (golf cart, deck, boat, etc.)
SOLID CONSTRUCTION: Single-piece design is sturdy, durable, and built to last
IDEAL POSITION: Vertical holding keeps cigars consistently lit and burning evenly
SIZES: Fits cigars ranging from 26 to 60-ring gauge


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