Tour Edge Hot Launch E521



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The Extreme Game Improvement Hot Launch E-521 Driver features an extreme Moment of Inertia (MOI) with a major emphasis on ease of launch, playability and correcting miss-hits and slices to go straighter. The 460-cc Hot Launch E521 Driver made from premium 6-4 Titanium is all about ease of use. High Moment of Inertia – An extremely high MOI rating surpassing 5000 Grams per cubic centimeter squared, making the E Series Driver an extremely stable and powerful driver. This increased MOI will increase ball speed on miss-hits and will keep shots straighter, while the back and low Center of Gravity positioning creates high-flying, powerful tee shots. Houdini Sole Technology – The Houdini Sole is an emerging sole design innovation from the Tour Edge R&D team that pushes weight back as much as possible in a driver design. This all new shape and design created extra mass to precisely position weight in the head for an ultra-low and deep Center of Gravity, optimizing launch conditions and greatly improving forgiveness off the face. Heel Weighted/Slice Fighting Offset/Shallow Cup Face Designs- – The strategically placed heel draw-bias weighting of the E Series offset designs are engineered to help golfers avoid hitting slices. The super-shallow Cup Face design in the Hot Launch E Series Driver produces higher launch angles and extreme ease of launch. Premium Mitsubishi Fubuki Shaft – The E521 Driver comes stock with super-light FUBUKI metalwood shafts by Mitsubishi Chemical that range from 45-grams to 55-grams depending on the flex and provides lower kick points that promise to help players achieve maximum velocity and a slightly drawn ball flight. Available Lofts in Right-Handed: 10.5°, 12.5°, HL/15° Available Lofts in Left-Handed: 10.5° Stock Shaft: Mitsubishi Fubuki (45-gram L-Flex, 50-gram A-Flex, 50-gram Regular Flex, 55-gram Stiff Flex)
Tour Edge
Hot Launch E521
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