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Product Description

Revolutionary Safety, Style, Comfort, and a Whole Lot More!

Experience safety AND style in our ‘total protection’ earmuffs and safety glasses combo with a convenient carrying case.
Stay safe with a high-spec eye & ear safety kit at the shooting/gun range or any other activity requiring all-round protection.
Our stylish unisex yellow color ensures both men and women will look great.
Fantastic gifts for hunting enthusiasts, range junkies, or gun buffs.
Specially designed to be suitable for a wide variety of uses like shooting practice, hunting, construction, industrial, manufacture, road maintenance, earthworks, and more.
Enjoy perfect portability with the convenient & durable carrying case.
Get the ultimate in comfortable noise insulation- the earplugs when worn with earmuffs deliver the maximum possible Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 38. (NRR 33 when used independently)



Protect Your Hearing in Style

Collapsible Earmuffs Allow Compact, Convenient Transportation

Ear protection ensured by an advanced 6-piece noise filtration system.
Blocks loud noises at a wide range of frequencies.
Your ear protectors are ANSI certified to an NRR of 28. They’re also CE & AS/NZS compliant.

Earmuffs Block All Noise Types: Shooting, Construction, Aviation, and More!

Simply fold earmuffs in on themselves to halve the space taken up to easily fit into your gun range or other gear back.
This makes for an easy, portable travel experience.


ANSI-Certified NRR 28

Foldable Design

Stylish Yellow Highlights

Soft Ear Cushions

Cushioned Head Band

6-piece Noise Filtration System









Clearer Sight and Longer Glasses Lifespan With Anti-Fog & Anti-Scratch Coatings

Anti-Fog coating maintains clear vision especially in humid conditions.
Anti-Scratch coating prolongs lifespan of glasses.
Clear lenses suit indoor and low light conditions.
Tinted lenses are perfect for the outdoor range or hunting.
UV 400 lenses protect eyes from glare.

Experience Extra Ear Protection With Soft Yellow Foam Earplugs Set Which Fits Inside Earmuffs For Enhanced Noise Dampening

Soft foam forms perfect fit in ears to seal out noise.
Works together with ear muffs and goggles as a unit for total noise protection creating the highest NRR rating of 38.
6 pairs of foam earplugs provided as extra protection or for friends.

Seals Noise Out With Flat Glasses Arms, While Soft Cushioned Earmuffs Maximises Comfort

Flat arms dispense pressure over the temples when used with earmuffs preventing headaches.
Earmuffs seal against your head, maintaining the high NRR & allowing for prolonged comfort.
Fit offers maximum comfort so you can wear them all day, every day.

Enjoy The Convenience Of Our Durable Compact Carrying Case So You Can Travel With Ease

Durable outer case protects against damage and increases longevity of kit.
Time saver- just grab your case and go!
Space saver- case layout maximises use of space and never loose a thing!
Highly portable so fits in your gun range bag.




Shop in total confidence on every purchase – no surprises or disappointments.

100+ 5 star reviews means we’re a well trusted & established brand.

Glasses Designed to Work With Your Earmuffs

Wrap around protection protects from the side as well as the front without impairing vision.
The non-rigid front of the glasses is flexible which helps to relieve pressure on the temples. This ensures a comfortable fit for a larger variety of head sizes.
Soft rubber nose piece prevents chafing during extended periods of use.
Enjoy 1-size-fits-all wrap-around protection for young and older men or women age 15 and above thanks to the fully adjustable, cushioned headband.

Wrap-Around Protection

Soft Rubber Nose Guard

One Size Fits All

Non-Rigid Frame Flexes to Your Size

Earmuffs (NRR28)





Clear Safety Glasses

Tinted Safety Glasses

Microfiber Pouch

Earplugs (NRR33)

Compact Protective Case

Complete Combination Pack: Earmuffs / Safety glasses with heavy-duty protective case / Ear plugs combo kit provides comprehensive hearing & eye protection for shooting at the firearms range, construction, etc.
Highly Effective Noise Reduction: Tradesmart over-ear shooting protection uses state-of-the art 6-piece noise filtration system that effectively blocks low, mid & high range frequencies
Safety Glasses Fit With Earmuffs: Our glasses are specially designed to be comfortable with the earmuffs. Anti-fog, scratch-resistant coating ensures clear vision (so you can perfect your aim)
German Quality Ear Plugs: Ear plugs feature high-quality German BASF Composition that are comfortably soft yet expand to fully block incoming noise. Rated at NRR 33, your ears are well protected.
Fits Adults & Children: Earmuffs, Earplugs, and Glasses comfortably fit older kids and adults. All products are ANSI, CE, and AS/NZS-compliant. 20% of profits go to programs that help underprivileged kids.


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