TSTS Steel Barbell Bar 47inchs



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The Swiss Bar, the American Bar, the Football Bar, the Multi-Grip… whatever you call it, this bar has got power! This steel bar is made to handle all the presses, curls, and extensions you put it through.

Each bar is angled to reduce stress on your shoulders during pressing-heavy workouts or exercises that require a full range of motion. It is especially beneficial for athletes recovering from shoulder injuries or with limited shoulder mobility.

You can exercise hamstrings, quads, forearms, and even grip strength by performing various training with a trap bar. The change in angle incorporate less of your glutes and lower back while increasing the use of the quadriceps. It suits your various needs whether you are training in the house, gym or any institutional.

Two snap springs are included in the package which helps you to fix weight plate more convenient, and they can lock the plates tightly. By the way, with loadable sleeve length, this hex bar is perfectly built for you to comfortably perform exercises and load your desired weights.

This The diamond-shaped bar is designed to helps you isolate muscle groups and keeps weight centered through the body’s mid-line during dead lifts, shrugs, and power pulls, reducing risk of injury. It puts less stress on the lumbar spine, which is a great relief for those with back problems.

Features: Product Specifications:
Length: 47 Inches
Product Weight: 11 Lbs
Material:High-strength steel

▲ Great addition to your weight room;Perfect weight and length for learning various lifts; Excellent choice for home gym user.
▲ A nice lifting bar for arm exercises such as curls, biceps/tricep extensions, wrist curls, etc and practice overhead, wide grip, movements, like the snatch.
▲ Excellent balance and durability with one sturdy spring collar on each end.
▲ Medium depth knurled parts provide firmer grip.
▲ Smooth rotating sleeve prevents deformation or deformation and reduces excessive pressure on the wrist.


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