Virtue morals Bow String



Price: $14.99
(as of Apr 13,2021 07:39:59 UTC – Details)

Features: Suitable for different kinds of bow string Small and light weight design is simple to use Easy to install with Specifications: Color: Black Material: Bow square materials: aluminum alloy Nocking points material:Brass Surface, antiskid nylon Nock plier material: iron, plastic Package: Bag Package Contents: 1 x T-shaped bow square 1 x Pliers 1 x Arrow Rest 12 x Bow String Buckle Clip

Practical design: Bow square measurement helps you to adjust the distance of the bowstring to the arrow rest, so that the bow can be used perfectly by youself
Nocking Pliers: Easily install all sizes of nocking points and retainer clips without damaging your bowstring
Bow String Buckle Clip: The inner layer is antiskid nylon, so it can protect the bow string
Easy to use: small and light weight design is simple to use
Combination includes: 1 x archery nocking buckle plier, 1 x T shape bow square, 12 Pcs bowstring nock sets archery


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