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Why Hand Gel is so improtant?

The racket is like a sword, the sword needs to be edged to be sharp. Most people think a good Badminton racket string, suitable pounds are equal to helping the racket sharpening.
In fact, this is just a side. It’s a knife, not a sword. Don’t be afraid to waste time on the Hand Gel to make the racket in your hand a sword.
In addition to providing a comfortable feel, the hand gel also includes techniques for adjusting the center of gravity of the racket.

The high-strength thick hand gel can also offset the “stretching” feeling and the “shock” feeling brought by the racket with the general anti-torque effect.
Because the finger is in the force, the thick hand gel acts as a buffer, which invisibly slows down the transmission speed of the force, so that the time required for the racquet to be reset due to the torsion change at the moment of contact with the ball is synchronized with the force conduction time.
Can feel the feeling of timely transmission, good resistance to twisting. The thick hand gel can also reduce the blunt force impact of the racket on the fingers and wrist joints during the shot, and has a non-negligible effect on protecting the joints of the hands.

【REINVENT YOUR GRIP】 Overgrips uses finest quality cushioned polymer to provide excellent vibration and sting protection for players at the plate, or in the court
【HEALTHY, COMFORTABLE AND DURABLE MATERIAL】 Overgrips is made of highly absorbent, cushioning PU material that keeps your racket/handle dry even when sweating in hot and humid conditions
【DAMPING OVERALL PIT DESIGN】 It provides a smooth, ultra-comfortable grip feel, improve grip and provides you with a cushioning effect and a 100% powerful sweat absorption
【TENNIS RACKET GRIP SIZE】 Handle tape is 27 mm wide, 1100 mm long, 0.75 mm thick (1 inch wide, 43.3 inches long, 0.02 inch thick). Weighs only 0.3 ounces
【WIDE RANGE OF USE】 Our overgrips are more than just tennis tape. This size has proven to be suitable for almost any handle, including but not limited to tennis rackets, squash rackets, racquetball rackets, badminton rackets, fishing poles, bike handlebars, stroller handles, walking sticks, football table bars, slingshot, lawn mower, pull-up bars, pickle ball paddles, softball and baseball bats, dumbbells, Ping-Pong paddles and more!


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