WHY Intermittent Fasting?:



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When we gather ideas about living a healthy life, we mostly prioritize good nutrition and adequate workout. Although this is completely true, we still need to consider more about our relationship with diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Fasting is believed to be one of the best ways to reduce health and improve the overall quality of life. To help you gain a better understanding of how to begin fasting and make it sustainable, we have compiled a wide array of important stuff everyone must know.

This Detailed Guide on Intermittent Fasting helps you learn:

What intermittent fasting is

How intermittent fasting can benefit your overall health

The complete process of fasting

How the food we intake breaks down into energy and fat

Several myths regarding intermittent fasting

Types of Intermittent fasting (pros and cons, timings)

Which intermittent fasting type is the best for you

How many calories you need per day

Ketogenic and Mediterranean diets

Different recipes to prepare your meal

Faq’s to clear further queries

Intermittent fasting refers to eating only at a particular time. This means, avoiding food for a specific number of hours or intaking only a single meal two to three days a week. It helps your body in consuming energy from stored fats which results in weight loss.

However, intermittent fasting is not suitable for everyone. This guide tells you everything one must know before getting started with intermittent fasting. It is written after deep and thorough research and includes personal experiences.

We strive to make your lives better by helping you lose weight and improve overall health. People invest hundreds of dollars visiting different healthcare professionals and gym experts. Not only this, but they spend hours in from of the screen trying to gain an insight into intermittent fasting. But this guide gives you a clear vision of whether to begin fasting or not.

Furthermore, you can find the most effective weight loss recipes for your fasting diet plan. These recipes maximize the benefits and take intermittent fasting to the next level. The guide is divided into five different chapters, each having a detailed explanation of a wide variety of topics that come under intermittent fasting.

We have covered a broad spectrum of topics that are hard to find on the internet. Our guide contains complete in-depth information on how many calories an individual (men, women, and children) should consume in a day, how our body converts food into fat and energy, how insulin causes obesity and diabetes, why water is crucial while fasting, tips to control hunger and stay committed, and a lot more.

This guide is for you if you are one of those looking for different strategies that help reduce weight and provide health benefits.


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