WONDER CORE Smart and Twister Board Complete Home Workout System



Price: $139.95
(as of May 22,2020 03:27:45 UTC – Details)

Wonder Core Smart with FREE Twister Board

The Wonder Core Smart is a revolutionary new fitness breakthrough designed to target your entire core like a laser focusing on your
upper, middle and lower abs and obliques. In fact Wonder Core is so effective it’s guaranteed to get you that strong, sexy six-pack abs
you always wanted

FAQs about Wonder Core
6 exercises in 1 machine: offers a practical solution to individuals who have no time to go the gym
Dual-resistance technology fires up the muscle even during the extension phase (relaxing phase) to save time and double the results!
Interlocking springs and precision dials delivers 24 to 48 lbs. of adjustable resistance
Lower resistance: for leaner results; High resistance: definition and muscle mass
100% more effective than doing manual abdominal exercises (university-tested)
Easy to use; can be used by anyone of any age
Beginner option assist in spotting

Settings and Levels
Ab Tucks

Our Guarantee
Not satisfied with your purchase? Just tell us and we will fix things for you.

VERSATILE and CONVENIENT: Wonder Core Smart is so versatile it replaces 6 resistance gym equipment PLUS cardio to give you the total body workout from the comfort of your own home!
EFFICIENT: Wonder Core offers dual resistance to work muscle groups on the way up, and down, to optimize results and get you the body you want and deserve!
ADJUSTABLE resistance to accommodate beginners and advanced health and fitness enthusiasts!
FREE Twister Board so you can incorporate new exercises to your daily workout routines!
FREE Wonder Core Manual, DVD Guide, and Meal Plan. Note: The Wonder Core Smart comes fully assembled for easy usage.


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