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Harness the Body-Sculpting, Stress-Busting Power of Yoga — Anytime, Anywhere

Would you love to experience the head-to-toe health benefits of yoga — without the costly studio classes or complicated how-to videos? Need a clear and simple way to perfect your poses and reap the rewards? These premium Yoga Cards by NewMe Fitness make it easy for anyone to feel more energized, increase mobility, lose weight, and even relieve pain with this proven, centuries-old practice. Featuring 70 unique postures, you can create your own custom sequences and never get bored.

Yoga woman on mat with poses asanasYoga woman on mat with poses asanas

Featuring Hatha-style yoga

70 essential yoga postures (more variety than other sets)
9 different sequences based on your goals
Clear diagrams & instructions on how to execute each pose
Sanskrit & English asana names
Easy-to-read cards — 3.5″ x 5″ — larger than other brands
Space for writing goals & marking days you worked out
Made of plastic so they’re durable and waterproof

Go ahead… practice your asanas wherever the mood strikes: in your living room, outside under the setting sun, or on top of a mountain. This set is the perfect size to carry with you.

With our beautifully illustrated yoga cards to guide you — step by step — you can finally get the strong body and peace of mind you’ve been seeking.

yoga on the beachyoga on the beach

70 Body-Boosting Poses

Your NewMe Fitness Yoga Cards feature 70 different yoga asanas. Customize your routine by choosing from challenging standing, twisting, and bending poses as well as soul-soothing relaxation poses.

yoga cards are water proof & sweat proof durable plastic cards

yoga cards are water proof & sweat proof durable plastic cards

yota at the beach

yota at the beach

yoga flows sequences

yoga flows sequences

Sturdy, Not Flimsy

Made of waterproof plastic, not paper. Durable enough to do yoga in the rain!

Get Proper Form, Every Time

Your yoga cards are professionally illustrated to show you the proper way to do each pose, plus step-by-step instructions on the back to leave no room for error.

For Everybody, Anytime, Anywhere

These cards can be used by anyone from beginners to intermediate yogis. Our cards allow you to go at your own pace in the place of your choosing, even the office. No gym memberships, overcrowded classes, no judgement. Just you taking charge of your mental and physical health.

A Wide Variety of Yoga Flows / Sequences

Includes 9 yoga sequences, each designed to address a specific area of your body. Choose from flows for runners, strength building, and even a good night’s sleep (who doesn’t need that?). Whether you sit in an office or are on your aching feet all day, we’ve got you covered with an expert-designed yoga routine tailored specifically to your needs.

✓ THE YOGA CARD DECK WITH EVERYONE IN MIND – Yoga is not just for the yogis and yoginis of the world. Our deck has 70 poses, and 9 yoga flows for every level. Each routine is specifically created to suit your unique lifestyle or occupation. There are also 2 blank cards to create your own yoga sequence.
✓ TAKE YOUR YOGA PRACTICE WITH YOU – Yoga DVD’s, Yoga teachers and Wifi are in short supply when you take your practice into the wild or travel to far flung places. This Yoga Sequencing Deck allows you to Om outdoors and complete a rewarding practice no matter where you find yourself.
✓ LARGE EASY TO FOLLOW YOGA PRACTICE GUIDE – You can read through the yoga flash cards deck with Sanskrit before you begin, or simply lay the large exercise cards in front of you as you go through each flow. Clear posture illustrations, with a full text explanation will guide you through your practice.
✓ ENDLESS COMBINATIONS FOR DAILY PRACTICE- You can use our yoga routines or make your own combinations. Build strength, increase energy, relieve pain, increase flexibility, reduce stress, and bring a sense of calm and tranquility into your life when you follow our comprehensive set of yoga asanas.
✓ FULL-BODY WORKOUTS AND STRETCHES INCLUDED: Custom workout card you can write on (w/ dry erase marker)


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