Zelerdo 3 Pack Golf Swing



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Way to use training aid:
1. keep the club and right arm in a line
2. points the aid to the right arm when you swing the club up and the aid will touch and hold the left forearm to form a 90-degree angle
3. It will also form a 90-degree angle when you swing the club down, and when hitting the ball, the holder club and the left arm remain in line and the aid points to your left arm
4. When you’re facing the target, the holder rests on the left forearm and the club is level
Package includes:
3 Pack golf training aids

Package included: 3 Pack golf training aids
Designed to create correct swing positions
By setting the correct hinge position at the top of your backs swing it allows you to get an artificial feel of the perfect swing.
By correcting the form in your back swing it will take less power to send the ball further.
Suitable for both right and left-handed golfers, as well as female golfers and junior golfers


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