Review: In ‘I Accept the Terms’, It’s Raining Money From Amazon

‘Cause it’s a brainchild Builders Association — Written by one of its “core collaborators,” James Gibbs, and directed by its founder, Marianne Weems — genre leaks are not unexpected. Previous Builders, “alladeen” (a multimedia piece about Bangalore call centers) and “Elements of Oz” (a riff on the MGM movie musical featuring smartphone filters you show on stage) often enjoyed new combinations of technology and storytelling.

Yet when I saw the phrase “I Accept the Terms” on Saturday, the novelty was causing problems. The 45-minute track was delayed by 35 minutes due to what was vaguely described as “back-end issues.”

Once the challenges were resolved, “I Accept the Terms” went smoothly, although not quite as challenging. In the first episode, set in the early days of the Internet, quotes from these optimistic manifestos are interspersed with brief reenactments of bulletin board testimony about sexism and addiction. The third episode is a glimpse into an online future that includes metaverse avatars, virtual reality, and a cyberspace marketplace selling human hearts for NFTs, it just seems glib.

Our guides Moe Angelos and David Pence introduce the so-called world of MTurk, but every now and then we learn something new. We have learned that several hundred thousand workers are working on this platform, performing trivial online tasks for penniessometimes as a side hustle and sometimes as the only source of income.

Semi-written interviews with four real Turks personalize the information. Adah from Florida guides us on the MTurk board, which lists the HITs (human intelligence tasks) and how much they pay. Michelle, an actor living in the Bronx, makes money from time that would otherwise be wasted by performing HITs on the subway. Quadriplegic Noel is now able to work from home in New Mexico – just like Sibyl from Alabama, who said her husband’s death left her $35 and no income source to become a Turker.

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