Richard Sherman Charged with 5 Misdemeanors After Domestic Dispute


Free agent NFL columnist Richard Sherman was charged Friday with five misdemeanors in King County (Wash.) District Court. sherman He was arrested early Wednesday. The next morning, police said he drunkenly crashed his car into a construction site and tried to break open the door of his mother-in-law’s house in Redmond, Wash., a suburb east of Seattle.

Prosecutors charged Sherman with drink-driving, reckless endangerment, malicious mischief, trespassing, and resisting arrest. The first three are serious misdemeanors, which can carry up to 364 days in prison, and the last two are misdemeanors, which can lead to up to 90 days in prison.

For three hours on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, Sherman argued with his wife, drank several bottles of alcohol, threatened to kill himself, drove to his mother-in-law’s house while intoxicated, and tried to break the door down to search for his children, according to police statements and 9-1-1 calls. Multiple police officers and a police dog eventually subdued him, and police arrested Sherman a little after 2 a.m. Wednesday.

“I deeply regret what I did on Tuesday night,” Sherman said. said in a statement Friday. “She’s been dealing with some personal challenges the past few months, but that’s not an excuse for how I acted,” she said.

According to NFL Network, Sherman’s friends became aware of his struggles and visited him in the off-season. In a 9-1-1 call on Tuesday evening, Sherman’s wife, Ashley, said she had sent the dispatcher text messages to multiple friends saying she was going to kill herself.

In February, the King County Sheriff’s Office received an “excessive risk protection order” against Sherman banning him from possession of firearms, according to court records. The petition is sealed, so it’s unclear what prompted it. A court commissioner wrote that while sealing the protection order, Sherman’s mental health was “currently in crisis.” Seattle Times.

At a hearing held on Thursday, prosecutors sought Sherman’s bail set at $10,000, but Judge Fa’amomoi Masaniai released Sherman, stating that he was guilty for the first time and promising to return to future court hearings. The judge also ordered Sherman not to contact his father-in-law, Raymond Moss.

According to Moss’s statement to the police, his son-in-law grabbed his gun and sprayed Sherman with pepper spray as he tried to break down the door.

A 10-year NFL veteran, Sherman played his first seven seasons with the Seattle Seahawks and even after joining the San Francisco 49ers in 2018, he won the Maple Valley, Wash. list.

He became a free agent at the end of the 2020 season.


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