Richard Sherman, NFL Corner, Arrested


Free agent columnist Richard Sherman, one of the NFL’s most visible stars, arrived in Redmond, Wash., early Wednesday morning. her mother-in-law.

He has been accused of “burglary domestic violence” for knowing people in the home, but there is no indication that he has physically harmed anyone.

Sherman, who has been in prison since Wednesday morning, was neither charged nor tried before a judge. He will likely appear in court on Thursday.

A 10-year NFL veteran, Sherman has played the last three seasons with the San Francisco 49ers, and before that he was with the Seattle Seahawks.

According to Chief Darrell Lowe of the Redmond police department, officers were called shortly before 2am because Sherman was trying to break into a home. Police said they spoke to Sherman on a friendly basis and that an officer knew Sherman from a job as a butler.

But according to Lowe, when officers tried to arrest him, Sherman walked away from them. Lowe said Sherman and the police officers got into a physical argument and a police dog was assigned to subdue him.

Lowe said an officer received minor abrasions and Sherman went to the hospital with minor injuries to his lower leg and ankle.

The house Sherman was trying to enter belonged to his wife’s parents. According to the police account, there were four adults in the house.

Sherman had no physical contact with anyone other than officers, but Lowe said he had “verbal arguments” with some of the people in the house before the police arrived. The theft component of the reservation fee was his attempt to break into a home that was not his and the domestic violence component was having an affair with the residents of the home through his wife.

Police also accused Sherman of malicious mischief, saying he damaged the door of the house.

Sherman has no agents. Close relatives did not answer the phones.

It’s unclear whether Sherman has hired a lawyer.

Ashley, who married Sherman in 2018, told the Seattle Times Wednesday: “At this time we will not make any statements other than that he did not harm anyone. My children were not harmed in the incident. He’s a good person and that’s not his character. We’re doing fine, we’re just trying to get it out. I want people to know that no one was hurt.”

Sherman is also being investigated for a one-vehicle collision that occurred shortly before his arrest.

Ron Mead, a captain on the Washington State Patrol, said that at 1:26 a.m. police received a report from a construction worker that there was a collision on state highway 520 passing through Redmond. The construction worker said a car was driven to the construction site and then crashed into a concrete barrier before it could move.

Police investigating the accident found Sherman’s car in a commercial parking lot about half a mile from the construction site. Mead said there was extensive damage to the driver’s door and tire and the vehicle was driven until it was no longer drivable.

The parking lot is about two miles from the residence where Sherman was arrested. Lowe said Sherman is believed to have walked into the residence.

Mead said the police had issued a warrant for a blood sample because they believed he might have driven under the influence. The results of this search warrant were not yet available.

Sherman sits on the board of the NFL Players Association. The union said Wednesday it was aware that “one of our player leaders” had been arrested “for an alleged domestic violence incident” and has activated its domestic violence crisis protocol “to protect and support all concerned”.

Now 33, a three-time All-Pro free agent. He represented himself in his last contract negotiation in 2018.

He played his first seven seasons with the Seattle Seahawks and held a home in the area during his tenure with the 49ers. He spent most of last season on the injured reserve list.

The NFL said in a statement that it is investigating any incidents involving law enforcement to see if there were violations of the league’s personal conduct policy.


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