Roger Goodell’s Biennial Payment Reached Nearly $128 Million

His tenure as commissioner, which began in 2006, was punctuated by controversy and self-inflicted problems. domestic violence, tyranny and players protest police brutality and inequality During the national anthem.

Goodell also angered the teams he was suspended from, especially Tom Brady and Ezekiel Elliott. But the owners understand that Goodell’s strengths help them make money, and its corporate knowledge will be difficult to replace.

Several owners said in 2017: Goodell had told them he was going to resign. After his current contract expires in 2024. May be willing to stay beyond this date, According to some media reports.

Goodell, 62, has been in the league for nearly four decades and is known and known to many of his owners, ancestors and descendants. It’s friendly with the leaders of the league’s broadcast partners, whose payouts account for nearly half of the NFL’s annual revenue, which has doubled since Goodell. took over in 2006.

Goodell in 2010 Wanted revenue to reach $25 billion by 2027and thanks to new media deals, the league appears to be on pace to achieve that goal.

For years, Goodell’s compensation, along with other top league officials, was included in annual filings that had to be released because the league office (as opposed to teams) was a tax-exempt organization. league in 2015 dropped its decades-old tax-exempt status After critics, including some members of Congress, claimed the government had lost millions of dollars in potential revenue.

As a result, the league no longer has to make public tax returns containing the salaries of its five highest-paid executives. Major League Baseball took a similar step before the NFL a few years ago, and big, awkward questions about the commissioner’s pay package disappeared from the news media.

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