Rosie Perez Hates Flying, But She’s Up on ‘Flight Attendant’


Having the job was comforting, so I was able to drop it and give it back to Megan. And I was already there. On the third day of filming, I was able to tell the producers, “Megan’s How are you today, but I think he he

What do you want to say?

What I can bring to Megan is how I felt when I turned 50, how I felt that I had hormonal imbalances. You question everything. If you are not happy, if there is no happiness around you, you will go out and buy a new car or, in Megan’s case, start working for North Korea. [Laughs] Something will show itself.

I wanted Megan to be so eager to participate. Everyone else is young. My character does her best to be the person in charge, to be mature, but she also wants to be Cassie, just as messed up as Cassie. Megan’s nervousness and worry are conveyed through her smile, or “What’s going on with Cassie?” I wanted him to ask. You usually get feedback when you make suggestions like this, but the entertainers were okay with the idea. I was like: “Oh my God! Thanks!” Because what sane 50-year-old woman idolizes Cassie? She’s a train wreck! And that was the whole point.

Is this how the “invisible woman” speech came about? Did they incorporate the idea into the script?

I remember Steve Yockey gone, [imitates a teasing singsong voice], “8. You will love the episode.” When I got the script, I couldn’t stop crying. I remember calling Steve and saying, “Thank you, thank you.” I didn’t ask them to write. They just listened to what I said and did.

That scene was my last shooting day. I got so touched and I looked at Kaley and she said, “Come on, Perez. Don’t cry yet! You’re going to make me cry!” We both started laughing. Then we both sat on the bed. We didn’t talk about how to do that scene. “Action!” They said. And bam! We got it on the first take. It was magic.

When I get such luck as an actor, it fills my heart with joy. I said to my husband: “I will work hard for this show. I don’t care if no one sees it.” “That doesn’t make any sense,” he said. I said: “It still is. I did this for myself.” If people are enjoying it, it’s just a cherry icing on the cake because there have been many times when I wasn’t recognized for my work. Now, at my age, to be recognized for something I just do for art? This really moves me. When my husband said, “Yes, but you were nominated for an Emmy before,” he said, “Yes, but this acting


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