‘Rust’ Sues Team Member Alec Baldwin, Weapons Handlers, and Producers

Mr. Baldwin’s lawyer did not immediately comment on the case.

The defendants in the case include Rust Movie Productions LLC, the company formed to produce the western; starring Mr. Baldwin, who also produced the film; Miss Gutierrez-Reed; Miss Zachry; Mr. Halls; and several manufacturers with the project.

In the lawsuit, Mr. Svetnoy said the film’s producers “rejected requests for gun training days, failed to allocate proper time to prepare for gunfire, did not send security bulletins with call lists, spread personnel too thin, the industry was unable to secure these days”. Safety standards were strictly adhered to when preparing and filming with firearms and engaging in other cost-cutting actions.”

The lawsuit seeks compensation, stating that Mr Svetnoy was injured by discharge materials hitting him and traumatized by seeing his friend die, leaving him unable to work.

Ms. Gutierrez-Reed’s attorney, Jason Bowles, declined to comment on the case, saying it has not yet investigated it. Mr. Bowles had earlier said that Ms. Gutierrez-Reed believed the gun contained fake bullets that did not contain gunpowder, and that production was faulty due to lax security.

Lisa Torraco, attorney for Ms. Zachry and Mr. Halls, did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Mrs Torraco said in a television interview He said it wasn’t Mr Halls’ job to check the gun.

Mr Svetnoy’s case said, “The guns and ammunition in the ‘Rust’ set needed to be properly stored, properly inspected and used appropriately.” “All the cast and crew on the set of ‘Rust’ should have known well that the Colt revolver is not a toy and has the ability to kill if mishandled, mishandled and/or mishandled. Instead of following proper firearms safety protocols and practices, the defendants used guns and ammunition in the ‘Rust’ set in an immoral, reckless and unsafe manner, resulting in this completely avoidable tragedy.

Julia Jacobs reported from New York, Adam Nagourney from Los Angeles and Graham Bowley from Toronto.

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