Shohei Ohtani Borrows Editing Against The Red Sox In Fenway

It was certainly smart for Roy Hobbs to pass the ball to the stadium clock in “The Natural.” shred. A great moment in a fantastic story.

Shohei Ohtani makes the dream come true.

With bases loaded on his eighth hit angelsIn his game in Boston on Thursday, he threw the ball over Fenway Park’s manual scoreboard and knocked out one of the points there.


The scoreboard had a 17-point mark to indicate Ohtani, the Angels’ current pitcher. The other numbers remained in place when his driver slammed into the board, but 17 fell as if forethought. Ohtani had an almost cinematic effect at Fenway Park.

A quick game from outfielder Alex Verdugo, along with clogged footpaths, limited the outstanding shot to a single hit.

(Otani had another oddly long single in the early game, when his deep-flying ball disappeared in the sun and fell for a hit. The first runner was delayed to see if he would get caught.)

Ohtani’s batting streak resulted in a 4 to 2 and 8-0 win with RBI by one run. And yes, as noted on the scoreboard, he was also the starting shooter and was somewhat useful in this role. In his early career at Fenway, he gave up six innings and 11 innings and no walks in seven.

“I was looking forward to speaking here,” he told reporters through a translator. For the Red Sox, that feeling may be a premonition.

Ohtani, who won the American League’s Most Valuable Player Award last year thanks to his two-way intelligence, started a little slow in the first 26 games of the season. He reached .240 with four home runs (up from 46 last season). On the mound he was stronger, with a 3-2 record shorting his 3.08 ERA and the fact that he only allowed 1.03 walks and strokes per stroke.

A few monotonous early stats hardly took away from the wow factor. Since he’s been doing this for a year, fans may sometimes need to remind themselves of this remarkable fact: Shohei Ohtani is a self-driving starting pitcher and his team’s designated hitter on days off the pitch.

This gave him a series of superlatives, often including the line “.First since Babe Ruth(And when she’s a member of Ruth, she’s seen doing most of her shooting at Fenway. red socks.)

Angels Manager Joe Maddon: “I hope we don’t start to take this as something old” said after the game. “This is very unusual. It is otherworldly at this level; I think this is the hardest game of the game.”

And Angels fans will focus more on other numbers: Despite the presence of Mike Trout, joint best player in baseball, the team has not made the playoffs since 2014. But the team with the second best record in the American League looks set to break that slide.

Let’s leave the question open: What will Ohtani possibly do in the playoffs?

For reference only, Roy Hobbs, who had mesmerized audiences earlier in the movie his shooting ability By featuring a fictionalized version of Ruth – he ended his memorable season by smashing the stadium lights with a home run. It almost seems possible.

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