Shooting Investigators Get Search Permit for Alec Baldwin’s Phone

A judge on Thursday gave police access to Alec Baldwin’s smartphone, which, for nearly two months, began an investigation into how a gun opened fire on the set of “Rust,” killing and injuring the film’s cinematographer. Manager.

In a police interview on October 21, when the fatal shooting in New Mexico took place, Mr. Baldwin pulls his old-fashioned Colt pistol from his shoulder and tampers with the hammer, according to the affidavit given on his search warrant application. In affidavit, Detective Alexandria Hancock asked Mr. Baldwin and her lawyer to turn over her phone, but was told to issue a search warrant.

In the warrant application, it was stated that the detective “believed that evidence could be found on the phone of persons using mobile phones during and/or after the commission of the crime(s)”. According to the statement, Detective Hancock was “also notified during the interviews that there were several emails and text messages sent and received regarding the ‘Rust’ film production.”

The search aims to collect “all information and data from mobile phone relating to the production of ‘Rust’ and any members working on it”.

The application stated that Mr. Baldwin was brought to an interview room at around 17:12 on the day of the shooting and agreed to speak with the detectives after being briefed on Miranda’s rights. “Alec advised on stage, slowly unholstering the gun, then turning it very dramatically and tampering with the hammer, which is when the gun went off,” he said. “He said it had to be a cold weapon, so it shouldn’t have detonated a flash charge or anything.”

In TV interview earlier this month, Mr. Baldwin said that he did not pull the trigger of the gun he was practicing when he fired a live bullet. He said the gun didn’t fully set its hammer, but pulled it back as far as it could and let it engage in an action that could fire it.

“Someone fired a live bullet into a gun, a bullet that wasn’t even expected to happen on the property,” Mr. Baldwin said in an interview with ABC News. “One of them is responsible and I can’t say who, but I know it wasn’t me.”

Mr. Baldwin is collaborating with investigators on the case; The affidavit said the actor had contacted Detective Hancock “many times” via phone and text messages. A representative of Mr Baldwin did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the search warrant.

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