Songs to Accompany a Dreamy Summer Dinner Party


“Kris’ wife, Lisa Meyers, sent this to me a few months ago and said it reminded her of her father. We’re both my dad’s daughters, so he thought I’d enjoy it and think about my dad. And just a few days ago, my boyfriend Craig played it for me and I said, ‘Oh my god, this song is making me uncomfortable. I would love to record it one day.”

“Let’s Go” – Girls’ School

“Funny, funny, furious that packs a fun punch. Who wouldn’t want to listen to something like this while hanging out with their friends and eating some barely cooked Greenmarket corn in someone’s backyard?”

“Far From Right” – Habibi

Habibi’s vocalist, Rahil Jamalifard, has been a Superiority Burger graduate since we first opened in 2015. This piece is from 2014 and still hits hard in 2021. It is very difficult to achieve kinetic indifference with a vocal delivery. It suggests the impact of Rahil’s upbringing in Michigan.”

“Clothed in Black” — Teengenerate

“The greatest band of all time? Tokyo’s Teengenerate. No question. And Fifi, former guitarist and vocalist, now runs the biggest bar on the planet – Poor Cow, back in Tokyo.”

“Wiwasharnine” – Mdou Moctar

“This Superiority Burger plays once a day on the iPod almost every day. The groove on this track is relentless. They’re playing in Brooklyn mid-September, a concert not to be missed.”

“Clair de Lune” – Claude Debussy

Misc — Sly & The Family Stone

“As we listen to people babbling about each other, talking about each other, and talking louder and louder, it’s time for Sly & The Family Stone to take over the room – quick! Take your pick – ‘Family Matter’, ‘Casual People’, ‘If You Want Me to Stay’, ‘Everybody Is a Star’ – or just wear them all!”

“MODEST.” – Kendrick Lamar

“Why to Believe (feat. Courtney Barnett)” – Vagabon

“As if the Karen Dalton version wasn’t dreamy enough, it instantly makes me cry.”


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