Sunisa Lee Shows Her Complicated Irregular Bars Routine


No one in the world does an erratic bar routine As complex as Sunisa Lee’sand it needs mind-blowing precision to perform it without accidentally hitting the bars and falling off or falling off the bars after the release move.

She looks effortless flying over bars and from bar to bar, and part of the beauty of her routine is how she can easily tie her hard skills together to keep it flowing.

And for his skill in this event, Lee is a favorite to win the gold medal. This is the only medal at the Tokyo Games that Simone Biles was not expected to win.

On Sunday, he warned his opponent that it would be difficult to beat him. He scored 15.2 for his routine, the highest ever score in the event at this Olympics.

Lee is getting closer and closer to winning a gold medal for his biggest fan, his father, John Lee. In 2019, Sunisa Lee suffered a spinal cord injury after falling off a ladder just one day before heading to the national championship. With his incredible focus, he won the national championship in the uneven bars at that event. Now he wants to succeed on the biggest stage.


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