The ‘New Bauhaus’ Review: Rethinking an Approach to Art


Documentary “New Bauhaus” celebrating his legacy versatile interdisciplinary artist Laszlo Moholy-NagyHe is perhaps best known for his photography and photograms and the legacy of the school he started in Chicago. Directed by Alysa Nahmias, the film claims to be worthy of being remembered as one of the 20th century’s greatest artists – as important as Picasso or Magritte, although the whole of Moholy-Nagy’s work may seem messy as it spills over into mediums. says Elizabeth Siegel, curator of photography at the Art Institute of Chicago.

The film claims that Moholy-Nagy is more concerned with the approach than the product; he taught his students biology, for example, he tried to give them new ways of looking at the world. He did not separate artistic pursuits from commercial interests or economic realities. Movie, II. He explains how he transformed the rationing of metal during World War II into an opportunity to rethink products. As described here, his influence and the work of his students can be seen in commercials, in the credits of James Bond movies, and in the form of a Dove soap bar.

The film contains informative comments from academics and especially Moholy-Nagy’s daughter, Hattula. Beatrice Takeuchi, a former student, says she found an exhibit on Moholy-Nagy too much painting – she says Moholy-Nagy did her best. In a sense, he may be talking about this film, which traditionally shares the artist’s biography. But well illustrated, good primer.

New Bauhaus
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