The US Olympic team is in danger of losing the gold medal race.


TOKYO — Americans’ efforts at the Tokyo Games produced results that the world could envy but fell short of their recent high standards. The U.S. Olympic team is in danger of losing the gold medal race in a Summer. Olympics First time since 2008.

Ready to win around 106 medals based on the final rounds of the competition until Sunday, the competition will be back on roughly the same level as the 2012 London Games, where it won 104 medals. The team won a record 121 medals in Rio de Janeiro in 2016, 46 of which were gold; that was two less than the number of gold medals China set in Beijing in 2008.

The blame for lack can spread. The track and field team won 32 medals in Rio, but only 22 to the final night. American men have failed to win a gold medal in speed events, which has long been the bread and butter.

NS USA women’s soccer teamThe two-time defending World Cup champion decided for the bronze medal. Simone Biles, the greatest gymnast ever missed most of the meet as she struggled with mental stress. American rowers failed to reach the Olympic podium for the first time since 2008.

With the shift in American dominance, many other countries have risen, notably Japan and China.

Japan beat the tally of 41 medals, including the 12 golds it won in Rio, with 51 medals until Friday night. There are 24 gold coins in these Games. After eight years of comeback, China’s Olympic gym machine It’s back: With 36 golds compared to 31 in the United States, the Chinese have a chance to win the gold medal race for the first time since 2008.


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