There Are A Lot Of Virgin Jokes Late At Night


“Right, the flight went over 50 miles to the edge of space. Southwest heard about it and said, ‘It’s a big deal.’ We did this last week when one of our pilots fell asleep.” — JIMMY FALLON

“Eighty miles? That’s not even worth mentioning at a party.” — SETH MEYERS

“Just because you touched the net doesn’t mean you can say you dunked. Branson is like one of those guys who says, ‘Yeah, I’ve been to Texas,’ and then you learn that he once changed planes in Dallas, Fort Worth.” — SETH MEYERS

“Call me when you get to the moon, Richard. I’m surprised he didn’t call me yesterday – there’s probably cell phone service there.” — SETH MEYERS

Seth Meyers’ “A Closer Look” touched on some of the more notable moments from the Conservative Political Action Conference over the weekend.

Richard Branson, who has just returned from space, will meet with Stephen Colbert on Tuesday’s “Late Show.”


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