Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Pirates Visit the White House


President Biden hosted a celebration with the 2021 Super Bowl champions, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, at the White House on Tuesday morning, continuing the celebrations with the athletes who have recently won championships.

Tom Brady stole the show once again.

Mr. Brady, Tampa quarterback several presidential teams missed their visit After winning previous Super Bowls with the New England Patriots, attendance at this week’s event has been questionable. But on Tuesday, tanned in a dark suit and sunglasses, he walked into South Garden with his coach, team owner, and the president himself.

Mr. Biden opened the festivities and commended the Bucs for their persistence in tackling an undefeated run to the title after starting the season with seven wins and five losses: the president said, enjoying the kind of cheerleader role. “An incredible run.”

But the recent speaker and seven-time Super Bowl winner, Mr. Brady, made headlines with a pair of political jokes against former President Donald J. Trump, with whom Mr. Brady was dating. shared a long friendship.

After a game against Chicago last year in which Mr. Brady momentarily forgot what was happening on the field, Mr. Brady joked that people were starting to call him “Sleepy Tom”. Sleepy Joe” during the campaign.

Mr. Brady also referred to Mr. Trump’s ongoing and unfounded claims that he won the 2020 presidential election, which many Trump supporters continue to believe. The quarterback said many people didn’t believe the Buccaneers could have won the championship last year.

“I think about 40 percent of people still don’t think we’re winning,” Mr. Brady said.

He turned to Mr. Biden. “Do you understand that, Mr. President?” said.

Mr. Biden smiled.

Mr. Brady last visited the White House in 2005, skipping the visits of Presidents Barack Obama and Mr. Trump.

The celebration for the pirates was held late Tuesday morning with a temperature of 84 degrees. Tampa Bay defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9 earlier this year to win the NFL crown.

Last month, Mr. Biden welcomed the World Series champions Los Angeles Dodgers at the White House while the team was in town for a series against the Washington Nationals.


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