Toyota, the pioneer of hybrids, is resisting the pressure on electric cars.


Even as other automakers have embraced electric cars, Toyota has invested its future in the development of hydrogen fuel cells, a more costly technology that has lagged far behind electric batteries, with more hybrid use in the near term. This means that the rapid transition from gasoline to electricity on the roads could be devastating to the company’s market share and profitability.

In recent months, Toyota has quietly become the auto industry’s strongest voice against a full switch to electric vehicles – its advocates say it’s critical to tackling climate change. Hiroko Tabuchi writes in The New York Times.

Last month, Chris Reynolds, a senior executive who oversees the company’s government affairs, traveled to Washington for private meetings with congressional staff and outlined Toyota’s opposition to an aggressive transition to all-electric cars. gas-electric hybrids like the Prius and hydrogen powered cars should play a larger role than the four people familiar with the negotiations.

The latest move in Washington follows Toyota’s efforts around the world. United States of America, Britain, European union and Australia – oppose stricter car emissions standards or fight electric vehicle mandates.


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