Travelers Ask Again: ‘Should I Cancel My Trip?’


Public officials are hesitant to restore quarantines, even as hospital intensive care units have collapsed once again and death tolls have already surpassed 2020 figures. The result is random restrictions that vary by city: Chicago on Tuesday. closed mask instruction issued, joining Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington, DC; New York City will want proof of vaccination for indoor eating; While in Las Vegas, event organizers are exempted from the state’s indoor masking requirement if they can prove that all attendees have been fully vaccinated.

But advancing are sporting events, restaurants continue to dine both indoors and out, and music festivals like recent ones. lollapalooza Deciding whether to continue shows in Chicago, deciding whether to travel now a personal.

As a result, responses to the Delta variant vary. Zeta GlobalA marketing technology company that monitors American travel behavior reports an inverse trend relative to vaccination status: Hotel stays in states with high vaccination rates have dropped in recent months, and travel to hotspots like Florida has decreased among those vaccinated against Covid-19 but increased among those who haven’t.

Meanwhile, Southwest and Frontier Airlines, lowered profit expectations Demand for flights decreased in this quarter. Many airlines relied on increased business travel this fall. it’s just starting to backfire. But there is fear that business travel will return to a full stop as companies including Facebook and Coca-Cola withdraw their plans to return to the office in the face of the variant.

‚ÄúThere are two different consumer behaviors that we observe. One if you decide with your own dollars and the other if you decide with your company’s dollars,” said Jan Freitag, senior vice president of hospitality insights at STR, a hospitality analytics company.

Ron Bension, president and CEO of ASM Global, the world’s largest event management company, said that because conventions and large-scale business events have such a long lead time, Delta has simply extended the status quo created in March 2020. already cancelled. “What we’re seeing isn’t that many booking changes yet,” he said.

For travel-hungry Americans, the Delta variant has brought the return of a practice well-known by the pandemic: waiting.


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