Tyson Foods Offers Vaccinated Workers More Paid Leave Time


Tyson Foods said it will provide fully vaccinated workers with 20 hours of paid sick time per year to increase benefits for workers seeking a coronavirus vaccine.

new benefit, announced on FridayThe move comes after discussions with United Food & Commercial Workers, which represents several thousand Tyson employees, over the company’s requirement to vaccinate all US employees “as a condition of employment” by 1 November. Paid sick leave policy goes into effect. Valid on 1 January and also for all non-union workers.

Tyson also said that employees who are fully vaccinated can take up to two weeks of paid administrative leave if the Kovid-19 test is positive in the next six months. The company said it would compensate workers for time spent in “educational sessions on the benefits and risks of Covid vaccines.”

Union, Tyson had expressed reservations at first. announced the vaccine mission He applauded the paid sick leave allowance on Friday, saying it was only the first national agreement to grant such a benefit to meatpack workers last month. Union officials said it was important to provide paid sick time so workers could still get paid if they missed work or experienced some of the common side effects of vaccines.

“Like all Covid workplace safety policies, vaccine guidelines must be negotiated with workers to build the confidence and strong consensus needed for these measures to be effective,” UFCW chief Marc Perrone said in a statement. Said.

About 90,000, or roughly 75 percent, of the U.S. workforce have received at least one dose of the vaccine, Tyson said on Friday. More than 30,000 workers have been vaccinated since the company announced its mandate in early August.

Tyson said he now has the support of the UFCW and the Retail Wholesaler and Department Store Association for vaccine policies. Together, these unions represent more than 80 percent of the company’s 31,000 unionized employees.

“Getting vaccinated remains the most effective thing we can do to combat this epidemic and continue to help feed this country and our world,” Tyson’s head of human resources, Johanna Söderström, said in a statement.


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