US football awaits a rebound against New Zealand.


The most striking thing about Sweden’s 3-0 win over the United States on Wednesday wasn’t the score or the stage, but the nature of it: the United States was bullied and bossed on the pitch for 90 minutes. The team often delivers more than takes.

And although he knew what had happened, he could do nothing to stop it. Sweden was better technically, tactically and physically.

Saturday night rival New Zealand presents a different challenge. The Football Ferns (great name) have become fixtures of the Olympics and World Cup over the past decade because their confederation is by far the strongest team in Oceania. Experienced, tactically adaptable and well coached by a former USA coach, Tom Sermanni, they are now better equipped to defend themselves against the higher-profile teams they face in major tournaments. But that doesn’t make them on par with the mighty United States.

In fact, the USA has beaten New Zealand in the last three Olympics. All-time 15-1-1 against New Zealand. While New Zealand’s team and reputation have improved as they export players to top leagues and A-list colleges in the United States and Europe, they should – they should – have trouble matching up against American stars. Especially now when those stars are crazy and embarrassed.

“They’re going to be very, very structured, very organized, and they’re going to change what they do in-game,” USA coach Vlatko Andonovski said on Friday. “Sometimes we saw in the last game that they accelerate and press high, sometimes they defend the mid block in 5-4-1 and sometimes they go down further and play low block. So it’s very important for us to know the position to be able to solve all these moments and these challenges. will be.”


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