Watch Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh Spar in ‘Black Widow’


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In this scene from “Black Widow”, the two characters reunite and start a fight.

It’s been twenty years since Natasha (Scarlett Johansson) saw Yelena (Florence Pugh). The two were part of a makeshift family unit led by two Russian secret agents (David Harbor and Rachel Weisz) before being sent off as trained killers. So when the two of them meet in an apartment in Budapest, the level of trust is low.

Discussing the scene, director Cate Shortland said she wanted to activate elements of set design, from kitchen knives to curtains.

“We used staples,” he said, “powder. Everything revolves around them.”

Shortland worked with Rob Inch, who choreographed the scene. He said that because Pugh has a background in dance and Johansson has experience in choreography, the two were able to perform many of the fights themselves without over-reliance on stunt performers.

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