What Did We Learn From Week 8 in the NFL?

For twenty years, the two franchises worked in the same misery. The Buffalo Bonds and Miami Dolphins were essentially locked in Tom Brady’s AFC East torture chamber.

After the New England Patriots’ 17 league titles, nine conference championships, and six Super Bowl victories as quarterback, Brady headed south to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, opening a door for these two rivals.

Bono took a gamble on Josh Allen, the little-watched strong gun quarterback in Wyoming, then awarded him a six-year, $258 million contract extension.

The Dolphins got the Alabama quarterback everyone saw in college: Tua Tagovailoa.

Now it seems certain that the Dolphins, and perhaps the rest of the episode, will own Bono for a while. Bills’ 26-11 victory They finished seventh in a row against the Dolphins and the huge gap between the quarterbacks is a major reason.

The game was unexpectedly tense throughout the first three quarters, with Buffalo’s typical pyrotechnics interrupted by sloppy play. Only one of the Bills’ first six runs went more than 23 yards, and the first half was tied 3-3.

A game with less than a minute to the end of the first half was particularly gruesome. Fourth and 4th from Miami’s 44-yard line, Allen thought the Dolphins had skipped offsides and casually pointed to the scrimmage line as he reversed pedaled in midgame. He was hit, undershot, and then deliberately knocked down.

Of course, the Dolphins’ offense did nothing with this talented field position and sent the ball back to Buffalo.

In the second half, Allen finally took down Miami purely with his physical prowess. As if he was fed up and fed up with this pillow fight, he smashed the Dolphins’ second half in the Bono’s second capture—a 13-game, 80-yard touchdown drive that ate up the 7-minute 6-second game clock.

Allen hit receiver Cole Beasley for four completions in drive-only, including a 15-yard swimmer in third and 14.

In third and 1st, the 6-foot-5,247-pound Allen took a 5-yard gain through the arms of Dolphins linebacker Elandon Roberts.

The continued touchdown transition showed a kind of stamina and improvisation that made Allen seem very, very routine.

As he scored the first goal and his face mask was ripped sideways by the 266-pound defender Jaelan Phillips, Allen went free and flipped over. an 8-yard touchdown pass a clear Gabriel Davis. While the shot at the time looked impressive, replays confirmed that it was a pass without looking.

On Sunday, Allen was similar to Ben Roethlisberger in his prime – just stronger, faster and with a lot more attitude, he’s been bringing games to life with the kind of confidence that all teams seek in position.

Buffalo’s next drive ended with a 19-yard scoring kick to widen Stefon Diggs, who promptly kicked the football into the stands. In the afternoon, Allen’s third and 6th touchdown streak in the end zone was capped by the 28th offensive hit of his career.

He flexed his biceps. he growled. After a failed 2-point conversion attempt, he even confused Christian Wilkins’ defense with the Dolphins. When the two were separated by officials, Allen said goodbye to Wilkins for seven seconds as he made his way back to the Bills’ sideline.

Allen did more than resurrect a franchise that had waited decades for Brady to come out of the Patriots shadow. His refusal to back down became a rallying point for fans, an epitome of their confidence.

While there are questions about Patrick Mahomes’ recklessness in Kansas City, Baker Mayfield’s health in Cleveland, and imbalances in Las Vegas, Baltimore, and Tennessee, there is certainty in western New York.

NFL teams have come to roster and realize that forever capitalizing rarely works. Competitors like the Los Angeles Rams have proven that the smarter game is often to get into proven goods.

A handful of wide buyers should be available, with a trade deadline of Tuesday.

Allen Robinson has been thwarted by bad quarterback play and bad play calls for most of his eight-year career, but he has found a way to distribute the numbers. Relationship with Chicago Bears seriously damaged Before the start of this season, the two sides could not agree on a contract extension, and Robinson accepted the franchise label. Chicago’s 33-22 loss to the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday should make the Bears (3-5) dealers on this deadline, despite an epic exit from Justin Fields.

Elsewhere, Cleveland fell 4-4 to the Pittsburgh Steelers, losing 15-10, further proof that the Odell Beckham Jr.-Baker Mayfield marriage never worked out for the Browns. DeVante Parker of Miami and Darius Slayton of the Giants, who will receive only the remainder of his $850,000 salary, perhaps the most relocating buyer, the Houston Texans’ Brandin Cooks can stay in place. After the Texans sent Mark Ingram to the New Orleans Saints last week, Cooks expressed disappointment in the direction of the team.

Who can bite into adding a quarterback receiver? Baltimore Ravens (5-2) and Kansas City Chiefs (3-4) maybe.

This season has been miserable for Patrick Mahomes, who is tired of Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce trying to make up for an insignificant defense. Trading for a buyer will put the team ahead of its competitors.

Lamar Jackson was superior for the Ravens, but with receiver Sammy Watkins getting a hamstring injury and a spinning player while running back, Baltimore could use another option so Jackson doesn’t have to take too much load.

Panthers 19, Falcons 13: Carolina stopped the bleeding of a four-game losing streak with 203 fast yards. Panthers quarterback Sam Darnold left this week’s game with a concussion in the fourth quarter after being on the bench in Week 7.

49ers 33, Bears 22: Neither team looks like rivals, but Deebo Samuel has gained some recognition. He caught 83 yards and rushed for a score, and getting 819 yards over seven games broke Jerry Rice’s franchise record of 781 yards set in 1986.

Titans 34, Colts 31 (overtime): After intervening in Indianapolis’ first seven games, quarterback Carson Wentz scored two goals in the last eight minutes on Sunday. Tennessee took advantage of his only threat in the AFC South to gain distance on the Colts.

Rams 38, Texans 22: Ho-hum. It was another big day from Rams receiver Cooper Kupp, who helped the Rams lead 38-0 through three quarters with 115 yards and a touchdown. It was the fifth 100-yard game of the season.

Steelers 15, Browns 10: It’s scientifically impossible for a team led by Mike Tomlin to die in October. Ben Roethlisberger continued to have the Browns for 266 yards, one touchdown, and most importantly, no turnovers, even like a shell of his former self.

Jets 34, Bengals 31: In their first NFL start, the Jets backed up Mike White He beat the sizzling Joe Burrow for 405 yards and three touchdowns with a phenomenal 37 pass in 45. All four Jets players caught at least five receptions, and Bengals receiver Ja’Marr Chase (three catches in nine goals) was neutralized.

Eagles 44, Leos 6: Philadelphia fans were clamoring for coach Nick Sirianni to handle the ball. They got their wish against the Lions who couldn’t win. Quarterback Jalen Hurts threw just 14 times, hammering a set back for 236 yards and four touchdowns in a total of 46 offensive tries. At 3-5 though, Eagles should probably be dealers on the trade deadline.

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