What’s It Like to Play Scary Girls on TV?


Sydney: “What does that mean?” we said.

You were shooting in late 2020. How was it?

Sydney: We were locked in our rooms for a few days. Then when we went out, we were not allowed to leave the property, no one was allowed to enter the property and we had to do a test every other day. That’s why we were walking around wearing masks the entire time, or shields if she was wearing make-up.

It’s really hard for the director too, because as an actor we understand so much from the director’s notes and facial expression, and especially someone like Mike – there’s so much going on in his face that he’s trying to explain it to you. And often, “What do you mean?” We’ll be like.

Do you think your characters are an accurate portrayal of Gen Z members?

Sydney: I think we were a certain subculture of Generation Z. I don’t think everyone in Generation Z is like Olivia and Paula.

Brittany: I’ve had a lot of feedback from millennials, so I don’t really know if it’s an accurate portrayal of millennials. But I have a younger brother Quinn’s age and he almost slept in the laundry room. and there was no air conditioning. And he brought his PS5.

Sydney: I definitely saw my little brother in character as well.

Brittany: I have an older sister and I stuck with a lot of millennials growing up. That’s why I identify more with millennial culture. But I’m 96, so I’m on the cusp of being a millennial and Gen Z. My sister used to say that if you’re in the middle of the two like me, it depends on what you’re culturally attached to. Define more with. One was a little creepy, but if you remember 9/11, that means you’re considered millennials.

Sydney: I feel like there’s a name for it because I’ve talked to many of the ‘Euphoria’ cast members before, and I don’t feel like we don’t know ourselves. We are a bit of a mix of the two.


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