When Pop Music Trolls Grow Up


Over the past month, the Billboard 200’s Top 5 has included the debuts of Creator Tyler and Doja Cat, two artists who sometimes functioned as trolls early in their careers. They’re the kids of the internet with a zest for friction – Tyler as the leader of the noisy, parent-abusive Odd Future team, and Doja as an absurdist with a reckless streak.

They are now at the center of pop and their new album represents different ways of maturing in the spotlight. Doja is a musical center, but it brings sexual activity and a light campy vibe to its songs. Eager to showcase his outspoken hip-hop talent, Tyler (still in a world where he’s a bit of an outcast) has gone from trolling the outside to trolling the inside.

On this week’s Popcast, a chat about how these two musicians traveled from edge to center and whether you need to have a little troll inside you to be an influential 2020s pop star.


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