Why You May Not Be Back In The Office Until Next Year


The delay gives workers responding to the new requirements enough time to get fully vaccinated. And it gives companies more time to set up the logistics that accompany immunization imperatives, such as processes for tracking vaccination status and who will soon receive support.

“A CEO in a company might say: ‘Our company, our culture, our business. We need to be together, we need to be in the office, that’s history’” said Mary Kay O’Neill, senior healthcare consultant at Mercer Consulting Group. “Then our friends in HR were like, ‘How are we going to do this?’ says.”

Negotiations with unions are also a factor for some organisations. A spokesperson for NPR, who has not set a date to return to office, said the public radio network is “working with key stakeholders, including our unions, to evaluate the best approaches to keeping our personnel safe and maintaining our operations.”

With new logistics around vaccine mandates, continuing uncertainty around variants and increasing demands for voice workers, Some companies, including The New York Times and American Airlines, have disabled return dates.

The agility of tech companies, as well as industries like consulting and media, is unmatched in many ways. CVS Health is still tracking a bearish reversal, despite some degree of resilience being worked on. And many employees have never been home – a large proportion of workers at companies like General Motors, Ford Motor, and Chevron, many of whom have worked on-site. Pandemic.

Many companies that send their employees home are eager to bring them back. The longer workers are out of the office, the harder it can be to persuade them to return. And it’s hard to justify real estate costs if offices are left empty.

In finance, which traditionally prioritized one-on-one apprenticeships and mobility, leading firms have made office a recruiting tool. Goldman Sachs brought back employees in June and JPMorgan Chase in July. The rise of the delta variant hasn’t slowed these plans, but has apparently stepped up measures to prevent the virus from spreading. Goldman said last month that it will require anyone who enters its US offices, including its customers, to be fully vaccinated.


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