World Cup 2022 Group Assignments Full List

Regional and historic rivalries were renewed on Friday as the 2022 World Cup draw paved the way for 32 teams hoping to win football’s biggest title. The tournament will start by November, but for a few teams it may have already been lost: After all, there are too many chances for a draw.

The United States is back on the pitch after missing Russia in 2018 and is in the same group as England, which was a finalist at the European Championship last summer; Iran is a geopolitical (and football) rival; and a European team still to be determined. This will be in June, when the final European place will be determined by games featuring Ukraine, Scotland or Wales.

Each team plays the other three countries in their group once, and the top two placed teams from each group advance to the qualifying rounds.

Here is the full list of groups:

  • Group A: Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal, Netherlands

  • Group B: England, Iran, United States, (Wales or Scotland or Ukraine)

  • Group C: Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Poland

  • Group D: France, (UAE or Australia or Peru), Denmark, Tunisia

  • Group E: Spain, (Costa Rica or New Zealand), Germany, Japan

  • Group F: Belgium, Canada, Morocco, Croatia

  • Group G: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon

  • Group H: Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea

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