Snap introduced a flying camera called the Pixy.

Snap, the maker of the Snapchat messaging app, has long positioned itself as a camera company.

On Thursday, it introduced a flying one. The drone camera, called Pixy, can help people take selfies without the aid of a selfie stick. Users hold the pocket-sized camera in their palms and select a flight mode via a dial on the body of the device. The gadget then flies for a minute and snaps photos and videos that the user downloads to the user’s private Snapchat drive before landing back in the palm of the hand.

“It gives you a whole new perspective, actually allowing you to have fun and hang out with your family and create videos all together,” Evan Spiegel, Snap’s CEO, said in an interview.

Pixy is Snap’s first hardware product since Glasses, glasses with embedded cameras and augmented reality features. glasses Logged in lines for hours in 2016 but in the end poor performance. In 2021, Snap released a new version of Glasses that lets people see augmented reality filters superimposed on the physical world.

Snap is selling the Pixy for $229.99, additional batteries for $19.99, and the dual battery charger for $49.99. The company said it plans to sell the camera “until supply runs out” in the US and France.

In 2020, Amazon also announced a flying camera, the $249 Ring Always Home Cam. The surveillance drone flies around its owner’s home and records video, ostensibly for security purposes. it was immediately exposed on social media as a privacy hazard.

Mr Spiegel said he was unfamiliar with Amazon’s product. He said Snap’s flying camera isn’t a privacy issue because its bright yellow color, recording light and engine sounds make it stand out.

“I don’t think there are any privacy concerns when it comes to recording other people without their knowledge,” he said.

Snap announced Pixy at its annual event for developers and advertisers, along with a suite of augmented reality products that put filters and visual effects in the real world. It also introduced new tools for businesses that allow shoppers to try their products virtually. Snap said people are engaged with their product. augmented reality exchange Five billion times since January 2021.

“We see our biggest opportunity in time to truly reinvent the camera,” Mr. Spiegel said. “The Pixy is a continuation of this experimentation and innovation in what the camera can do.”

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